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Our Mission

To develop the next frontier of next generation aerospace technologies

About Us

Eigen Aerospace is committed to bringing the next generation of advanced aerospace technologies to various non commercialized markets, in particular the UAV drone market. Our team has proposed a radical concept in what flight technology is to consist of.


The development of aerospace flight technologies has consisted of fixed wing and single/multi rotor concepts. Next generation flight aircraft must contain VTOL technology and our design aims to resolve the instabilities associated with traditional design.


Redefining and escaping the traditional methodologies of aerospace is what our flagship drone concept thrives in. Although not immediately apparent, the proposition of our aircraft has advantages over traditional designs to enhance VTOL capabilities.

Mission Driven Solution

Our goal was to create a mission capable ready VTOL UAV drone aircraft that could serve and fulfill multi mission roles in the areas of surveillance, humanitarian, and courier delivery.

The V1 Vindicatore UAV Drone

The V1 Vindicatore UAV Drone is refining what and how drone technology plays a role into our future. At times an uitlization must be derived from first principles, redefine how to understand the problem, and provide a solution in a non traditional form. V1 will consist of a novel fuselage design, an arthorpod landing gear system, and a dual three bearing swivel nozzle vector augmentation system. Although commercial drone application is in its infancy the application is limiteless. We envision the areas of tactical surveillance and humanitarian missions being the primary influences on its avenue of development. V1 combines the best of several branches of engineering, and we are humbled to be part of such a remarkable flight vehicle.

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Presently at Eigen Aerospace we are in the final design and simulation testing of the V1 Drone aircraft. In order to move to the flight demonstration phase it will require a collaboration between several established vendors that we have reached out to providing custom solutions to our unique design. Everyday we scout for new solutions that may be the right fit for our aircraft and the applications that we are pursuing. If you are a vendor or an interested investor we encourage you to reach out so we can share with you more about this incredible aircaft.

For more information and inquires please use the contact information below and state your intentions accordingly. We look forward to networking further with interested parties to develop the next generation in UAV drone technology.